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  1. I would like to purchase 15 books, a variety of your dog & cat stories. Can I pay by check and pick them up at Montclair Veterinary?

  2. Hi Abbey,

    My name is Mandy and I work at the San Francisco SPCA. We love what you are doing! We are hosting a few events this summer that I would love to invite you (and your pets!) to. Please email me when you have a moment and I can give you more details if you think you might like to join.

    Keep on saving lives!


  3. Clay Kallam says:

    Hi … I would like to talk to Abbey about a story in Diablo magazine that features Kid Entrepreneurs.

    Has she written any more books, or is she working on other interesting projects?

    Thanks …

  4. Clay Kallam says:

    Hi …

    I tried to post a reply here but I didn’t see it. Is this site active?

    I’m with Diablo Magazine and interested in doing a story on Abbey.

    Clay Kallam

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