Oakland girl’s book soars to the top of Amazon best-seller list

SFGate Article: By Amy Graff
Abbey Richter with her father, Dr. Gary Richter
Abbey Richter is only 10 years old and she’s already a best-selling author. The Oakland girl’s first touched people’s hearts Read More…


Published student author, Abbey Richter, recently spoke at the TEDxYouth@EB event in Berkley, CA. She believes that everyone, including kids, has a story others can learn from.


Abbey's NEW BIO picture
Lee Richter with Hillary Clinton

ABBEY RICHTER is a life-long lover of all animals and a 9-year old first-time author. Abbey has been the campaign manager for each of her pets in the annual Pet Mayor’s race for four years, raising thousands of dollars for the Pet & Wildlife Fund. The fund offers pets and wildlife pet care services as needed through her family’s pet hospitals in the Oakland, California area.

Abbey spends her time going to school, playing with friends, traveling with her parents, and, of course, caring for Lucky Leo, Stunning Stella the Pet Hospital Cat, her other dog Charlie Brown, and Frieda the Fabulous Cat. She has told the story of each of her pets in her four-book series of true stories, available on through Kindle.

Abbey Richter Best Seller

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  1. clare kaneshige says:

    I would like to purchase hard copies of Abbey’s 4-book series.

  2. Carrine Sibanda says:

    Thank you for sharing your book with us today at A Good Place for Books. Lindani and Aaliyah really enjoyed meeting you. We look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

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